Outdoor Video Display—The Who, The How, and The Why

It’s amazing how many uses there are for an outdoor video screen display.  Our video screen display rental company has been just about everywhere, and done just about everything.  We’ve brought life to dull parties and profits to limited events.  Visible Display outdoor video display units have helped churches, private party and event hosts, corporations and political campaigns.  We’ve got a long list of completely satisfied clients; to give you more of an idea, we’ve provided the who, why, and how here.

  • The Who?

    Visible Display has provided outdoor video display screens for a long and varied list of customers.  As we mentioned, we’ve served private citizens and churches, but we’ve also placed our outdoor video screen display units at golf tournaments, fairs and festivals, auctions, concerts, tradeshows, corporate meetings, sporting events and auto races, and political rallies.

    This list, while long and distinguished, is by no means exhaustive!  We’ve had customers book our video screen display rentals for many other types of events, and the list just seems to keep growing!

  • The How?

    How to use Visible Display outdoor video screen displays is an important question for our clients.  And again, there are plenty of answers.

    Our video screen display rental units can be used to show live video and graphics (such as at a concert); playback DVD’s, recorded messages, and advertisements; display PowerPoint logos, slides, text, or animations; feed live satellite (a popular use at sporting events); display a leader board; display auction items; use as an informational event kiosk; any video display need!

    Though we’d love to, we can’t give you a complete list of uses for how a video screen display rental might be used—this list is always changing!

  • The Why?

    The list of why clients use our display screen is just as varied, but there are a number of top reasons why people use Visible Display outdoor video screen displays.

    The primary reason to use an outdoor video display is, naturally, to enhance the spectator experience and increase event attendance.  This does lots for your event; not only does it increase access and exposure, but an outdoor video screen display rental also sets you apart from other competing events and advertisers.

    One of the most favored reasons for using Visible Display outdoor video display rentals is to generate or increase revenue.  This is done in more ways than one, including

    • Increasing event participation (paying customers!)
    • Marketing and advertising (both for your event and for event sponsors)

    Piling value on top of value, these outdoor video display rentals are completely mobile, and can be moved even during your event to maximize each use and benefit!

  • Why Us?

    Clients choose us because Visible Display always delivers a top-quality video screen display at a reasonable cost, with care and courtesy.  Our service record speaks volumes for us, but for many of our clients, we don’t need it to, because the impact on their event speaks for itself!  Additionally, we are Nationwide.  We have offices across the country to serve your need anywhere in the Continental US.

    It would be our pleasure to add you and your event to the lists above…and to find new and unique uses for our outdoor video screen display units.  Contact Us today and we can talk more about using a Visible Display at your next event.