HD Mobile Screen

Visible Display is proud to announce that it has added to its fleet of mobile, trailer-mounted jumbotron units—also called LED screen rentals. Currently, we operate a fleet of six 9×12 trailer-mounted mobile LED screens that are equipped with older 20mm / v10mm pixel pitch panels. We’ve retrofitted two of our older jumbotron displays and now have two 9×16 LED screens with a 7.8mm pixel pitch, with an HD format! In layman’s terms we have gone from a TV of the 90s, to an HD TV—much like we all have in our homes today. HD format LED screen rentals have been a constant request from clients, and we are excited to finally be able to offer them to our clients!

The differences between the two jumbotron screens is staggering! With our older 9×12 LED screen rentals, you needed to be at least 45’ back from the screen or the image would look “pixelated”. With our new screens, you can easily be 15’ away without pixilation occurring. The huge increase in jumbotron resolution makes everything better; from football games, to concerts, to corporate events, everything is that much clearer. Check out some of these photos of previous LED screen rentals with our new screens, compared to our old.

As you can see, there is a huge difference. This is further pronounced when you choose to use a small font, which many times is unreadable on our older screens, and most LED screens in general, unless we’re talking the jumbotron at the Dallas Cowboy’s stadium. With our newer screens, it’s no problem! Even if you aren’t using much text, there are many incidents when you run into it, even in dynamic content. Some examples include a score in a football game, lyrics in a concert, or even a company logo.

LED screen rentals are definitely becoming more common place in events these days as they become more affordable. It’s definitely worth the extra cost to give your spectators an HD quality mobile LED screen!