Screen Rentals

Screen Rentals

Visible Display offers modular outdoor LED screens (also called jumbotrons) to events across the US. Modular LED screens offer incredible flexibility and creativity when it comes to deciding the size and shape of screen you would like. These screens are built from individual sections and can be stacked at ground level, or flown from truss or staging. Whether you are hosting a concert, political rally, or sporting event, a modular LED screen can make the visual impact you are looking for.

Along with our modular screens, we still own and operate the largest fleet of 9’x12’ mobile LED screens in the United States. These screens are perfect for events with smaller budgets that still want the “wow” factor of an LED screen. With a set up time of less than 30 minutes, these screens are an excellent addition to short events, or events on the move.

To find out which screen type best fits your events please see the buttons on the left hand side.

Below you will find pictures of both screen types on a variety of events.


Mobile LED Screens

Our mobile LED screens are all 9’x12′ trailer-mounted displays. If you need a screen larger than 9’x12′ you would want to use a modular screen.

So what if 9’x12′ is the right size? The next question is height of the screen. All of our 9’x12′ trailer-mounted screens go up to 9′ from the ground to the bottom of the screen. This is a fixed height and they cannot go any higher, and only a foot or so lower.

If the height is acceptable, the next question is will your venue be able to fit a trailer? The footprint of our trailer-mounted screens is 8’x20′. If you have an indoor venue we need at least an 8.5′ wide by 9′ high opening to get the trailer through the door. Usually indoor events opt to go with our modular screens as the trailer is too large to fit.

Will there be onsite power? If not we have you covered! All of our trailer-mounted screens come equipped with generators.

If all of the above is acceptable, our trailer-mounted screens will probably be your best fit as they do not need any additional equipment/support structures.


Modular LED Screens

When deciding whether or not a modular LED screen is right for your event the first question to ask yourself is how do you want the screen to be mounted? There are several different options; I will list the most popular below.

Ground-stacked: This means we build the screen directly on the ground or the stage and put legs on either end of the screen to stabilize it. The caveat is the screen cannot be higher than 10′ without needing overhead support.


Flown from a truss/roof structure: If there is already a truss or roof structure onsite (or if the venue has the proper rigging) we can fly the screen from that. If not, we can supply a truss structure as well; we would just need to know how high you want the screen.


Flown from a forklift: This is usually less expensive than a truss structure and has become very popular for events that do not want to spend the extra money on a truss structure, but want to get the screen elevated off the ground. We put a piece of truss over the forks, secure it, and hang the screen from the truss.