Chicago LED Screen Rental

If you seek an experienced and trusted LED rental company in the Chicago area, you will find everything you need at Visible Display thanks to our wide selection of big screen viewing products. Choose from both modular and mobile LED screens. At Visible Display, we know that renting the right LED screen can be a bit nerve-wracking if you have never done it before. We want to assure you that we will work hard to advise you so that you will make the right choice and have a satisfying LED screen rental experience.

Chicago LED Screen Rental

Visible Display offers the best LED screens in the Chicago area. No matter what type of function you have in mind, our technicians have the experience to meet your every need. We have supplied screens for music festivals, massive concerts, corporate functions and more. We come to you with a wealth of experience and a desire to improve our performance every time. Turn to Chicago LED screen rentals to be certain of hosting a remarkably memorable event.

LED Screen Rentals in Chicago

The next time you host big event, be sure to rent a mobile LED screen to make a real standout statement. No matter how large your event, everyone will be able to see and hear clearly when you invest in a Chicago LED screen rental. Even people in the farthest seats of your theater or event hall will have a top quality experience when you make the classy choice of renting a Chicago LED Screen. This is a great way to let all in attendance know that their enjoyment of your event is a top priority for you.

Any and All Events

Barco B10 rentals can help you be certain of a successful event, no matter what kind of party, celebration, or get-together you have in mind. Corporate events, football parties, bike races, concerts, and music festivals, are all better with a Chicago Barco B10. Whether your event is large or small, this is the perfect choice to insure a successful event. Quick 30-minute setup and affordability makes Chicago LED screen rentals the perfect choice for all occasions. Crowds love watching our giant LED displays, which adds to the high level of customer satisfaction that we strive for at Visible Display. Fundraising events are most successful for clients who invest in an LED screen, and this makes finding sponsors for these events incredibly easy.

Don’t delay! Renting an LED screen from Visible Display’s Chicago LED screen rental is quick, easy and smart! Pick up the phone and call Visible Display to get started on the plans for your next exceptionally successful event!