chicago mobile led screen rental at an event with large crowd of people watching the display

Chicago Mobile LED Screen Rental

Visible Display comes across as a name which is one of the most banked on in the Chicago LED screen rental industry. This is so because of our years of experience and the consequent faith in us by the public. We expertise in taking care of all your needs related to big screens, be it a mobile or a modular LED screen. Renting an LED screen can turn out to be quite a tough task, especially if you’ve never done it in the past. We at Visible Display ensure that this experience of yours of renting an LED screen turns out to be a smooth and pleasant one.

You need not look any place other than Visible Display, while you’re on the look for a Chicago Jumbotron. The technicians we provide have a wide variety of experience; they’ve had the opportunity to work in plenty of both big and small tier events – whether it is music festivals, concerts or private corporate as well as non-corporate function and parties. We promise you that your show will really stand apart and get noticed with a mobile LED screen rental.

Mobile LED Screen Rentals in Chicago

Mobile LED Screens are the best way to make an impression in an event that you are planning to host or promote. With an LED screen rental, you’ll provide the experience of a front row seat even to the people who are accommodated at the back. Thus, this will help make your even an unforgettable and fulfilling experience for all the people who are present in the event or occasion. This is unlike the experience of only hearing the sounds from the back row, which usually do not leave patrons of an event with a pleasant experience. Thus by utilizing the services of Visible Display, you ensure that your patrons get a pleasant experience.

Any and All Events

A Chicago Barco B-10 rental is the word to keep in mind while hosting any kind of event, whether be it a football viewing party, a bike race, a musical concert or whether it is a corporate event. All it takes to set up these screens is 30 minutes, whether it is for small or large events. As regards the expense, Chicago Jumbotrons are one of the least expensive among all available options. One of the biggest advantages of using our giant LED displays is that sponsors pile up very fast looking at the kind of excitement generated among the crowd with the help of these screens. This is an experienced that we’ve observe time and again.