Accessibility for Viewers

With an outdoor LED display screen, you can extend access to your event across the stadium, across the field, or down the street!  And by increasing event access, you greatly increase

  • Event participation
  • Event revenue
  • Event publicity
  • Event enjoyment!

The benefits of increasing event accessibility via LED video screen rentals equates directly to event success—no matter what type of event you are holding!

Marketing and Sponsor Promotion

Mobile LED screen rentals are the solution for making sure you reach the widest, most appropriate audience for your event or campaign…whether it’s a conference, concert, political event, fundraising drive…any message can go anywhere thanks to the ease and convenience of LED video screen rental capabilities.

With a Visible Display LED video screen rental, you’ll never again have to worry that you can’t serve every interested event participant, or that your advertising message will be lost in location obscurity. Visible Display’s outdoor LED display screens give you an efficient, economical, profitable means of taking your event to the people.


See our “Screen Rentals” page(s) on this site for more information about mobile and modular LED screen solutions.

When it comes to our mobile LED screens, in less than an hour from time of arrival, Visible Display can have you up and running.

Here’s what we’ll bring—

  • High resolution LED screen; 6mm 8.5×15 HD, highest resolution trailers on the market
  • Self contained whisper-quiet generator
  • Weather-proof outside display screen; run day or night, inside or out, rain or shine
  • Seamless video switching of almost any source content:  HD-SDI, HDMI, DVI, VGA, Component and Composite video
  • 6-channel Audio Mixer, Amp and Speakers for amplification of audio content

Need a HD camera system included for IMAG?  Just ask!

Need to stream your event on Facebook Live or YouTube Live?  Just ask!

Need a larger sound system or additional lighting equipment?  Just ask!

And our mobile LED trailers are perfect for vinyl wrap or banners to further enhance your sponsor promotions or product advertising!  Ask us for more information when you call or submit your event details.