new york jumbotron rental displaying adult swim content at a park

Visible Display Jumbotrons

Are you looking to add some pizzaz to an event that you are planning? Take things to the next level through the use of an LED and Jumbotron screen. Visually displaying your concept will definitely get heads turning and make your event memorable. Visible Display will offer you a wide variety of screen sizes and you can choose one that fully suits your needs. You can now reach a wider audience through the use of a jumbotron or jumbotrons. You can get all what you need, be it a large screen, a modular LED screen, a mobile on or a combination of different products. All this are available for you and we go the extra mile to make sure that you get 100% and more.

We will take you through each and every step to help you choose the product that will suit you and the event you are planning. Our seasoned experience in the field makes us top notch leaders in the industry of LED rentals so you can rest easy knowing that you will be working with the best of the best. We will offer you only the very best of high quality services and customer support.

Rent Out Jumbotron Screen to get the best mobile LED Display Screen experience

So, is it that time of the year when you are seriously thinking about hosting an out of this world event? There is only one place that you should go for your jumbotron screen. It may be a corporate meeting for a hundred people or less or a huge festival targeting huge masses of people. We are well equipped with Jumbotron rental and we will go a step further and walk with you every step of the way to make sure that the event is a huge success. Do not let anybody who comes to your event miss out on any of the ongoing action. With the use of mobile LED screens, you can let people who are sited furthest from the action get a view of the action as well. With our help you can pull in every person who attends your event and make them your audience.

The Barco B10 rentals are a big hit with many of our clients holding events. You may rent our screens to facilitate the watching of a highly publicized game or a very big event catering for a corporate meeting or a concert. We will meet all of your needs at Barco B-10 Rental. The small or large screens that are on offer can be set up within record time of less than half an hour. The prices of the screens on offer are also friendly to your pocket and will definitely guarantee you value for your money. Show the guests who show up to you’re even how much you value them by giving them the best seats and the best view to boot.

The time to plan your ideal huge event is now! We at Visible Display would like to begin talks with you about jumbotrons and LED video screens. Feel free to call us today, or click here to contact us with questions or for a quote!