New York LED Display Rental

Visible Display made a name for itself among the firms that operate in the LED rental industry. Your mobile or modular LED screen needs can be safely assigned to us. If this is the very first time you are renting a mobile Jumbotron out, one can be confused about the entire process. Hence, we go out of our way to make your search easy and comfortable.

New York LED Display Rental

Visible Display is the company you should go to in order to fulfill all of your New York LED screen rental needs. We use experienced technicians with immense knowledge in handling events like corporate get-togethers, stage shows, musical events etc. and ensure the quality of each of our jobs. By opting for a Jumbotron rental in New York, you can take your very next event a couple of notches higher than your past events.

LED Screen Rentals in New York

LED wall rentals in New York can be the cool thing that you have been looking for enhancing the ambiance of your special event. With these amazing gadgets, your guests sitting even in the very last row will be able to participate in the proceedings and enjoy the action. A mobile LED screen can make this possible and make the popular saying, ‘these people are only going to be able to listen to the show than enjoying it’ in to a matter of the past. Now, your guests and sponsors will get to enjoy the show thanks to LED display rentals in New York.

Any and All Events

A Barco B10 rental is the best way to add to the fun and excitement of your event. It does not matter if the event is a music concert, a car race, a football championship viewing, a business function or something else; these LED video screens can amp up the event. These screens can be set up in place for viewing in less than half an hour of time and are suitable for small sized and large events alike. In addition to these aspects, they are priced at very low levels too. Visible Display’s giant LED screens never fail to excite your customers or sponsors. Once your sponsors see the crowd’s excitement, you will never have any problem in getting lucrative sponsorships for your future events.

Now that you know about the potential of LED screens and Jumbotrons, what’s the wait? Contact Visible Display today and get answers for all your queries about our Jumbotron rentals!