New York LED Screen Rental

Welcome to Visible Display, where we have an extensive and highly successful track of record in the LED rental industry. We specialize in both mobile and modular LED screens depending on your needs and specifications. We are enthusiastic about working with all of our clients, even if you have never rented an LED screen before. Our professional team will make this process smooth and almost effortless on your side.

LED Screen Rental in New York

LED wall rentals are becoming more and more popular among our NYC clients. Along with an unsurpassed quality of the screen we are offering the expertise of highly skilled and professional technicians with an extensive knowledge of all kinds of events. They have a background in anything from small private receptions to giant public venues, such as concerts. If you choose a Jumbotron rental in New York for your next event, it will propel your show to the unexpectedly great heights of brilliancy.

New York LED Display Rentals

The best way to bring the show closer to your clients in the back rows is to wow them with a Mobile LED Screen rental in New York. It is a statement that you truly value each and every one of your guests and want them to participate in each exciting minute of your show, no matter how far they are seated. There is no better way than a Mobile Jumbotron to let them in on all the action!

Any and All Events

Even if your next party is coming up quickly, we can help you with our extra speedy set up of the Barco B-10 rental; it can be up and running in less than 30 minutes! No matter if you’re hosting a huge charity event, concert, or an extra special sporting event; LED video screen rentals are fast, easy, and affordable solutions to your need of the wow factor for your upcoming presentation. Our experience proves that our giant mobile LED displays are always a much needed addition to any event. Prepare to impress not only your customers, but also your sponsors. Expect more of them to line up to see their advertisements and logos on the LED video walls at your next event!

There is nothing to lose, but time. Call the professionals at Visible Display today, they are standing by to answer any of your questions and help you construct an unbelievable experience with your next mobile or modular New York Jumbotron rental.