led screen rentals on the side of a stage at the indianopolis colts event

LED Screen Rentals in Indianapolis

If you want to add an exciting new dimension to your next event in Indianapolis, you might want to consider LED screen rentals. Visible Display is the leader in the mobile LED video screen industry offering an extensive selection of options to suit practically any need. Whether you want to use a big screen, a mobile or modular screen, or any of a combination of other options available, the owners and employees of Visible Display will work closely with you to make sure that your needs have been met and that your satisfaction is complete. If you’re looking for an LED screen rental in Indianapolis, your search ends here.

The training and experience of everyone at Visible Display will become your most valuable asset when you go about deciding what combination of components will work best to create the presentation that you want. After all, we are the leader in the use of the LED displays for the rental industry, so you will know that we will provide the highest quality of service and support available.

Jumbotrons will make your visual presentations, whatever they might happen to be, truly memorable and eye-popping. Whether you are planning a small meeting, one for several hundred people, or a huge event in a festival-type setting for thousands of viewers, Visible Display can provide you with an LED wall rental in Indianapolis that will be perfect for your needs. Not only that, but you can rely on our help every step of the way until your event is completed to make sure that you are a huge success.

Rent an LED Video Screen at Your Next Event

What’s the use of attending a concert or other big even when the performers or other people of note can hardly be seen? The good news in this is that our mobile LED screens were created for situations just like this that not only provide a view and listening experience that everyone in your audience can appreciate and enjoy, but one that will make them come back for more again and again in the years to come. You can make just that happen with your audiences, regardless of where they are sitting, from the far sides to the rows closest to the rear of the venue. A mobile jumbotron will allow your audience members in the rear to see just as much as those closest to the stage. In fact, if the views of the performances got any better, they would swear that they were in preferred seating.

Barco Technology

Barco B10 rentals are popular at events taking place all over Indy. If you are planning a small event, creating a party to enjoy the big game, or something really big such as a concert or meeting, the Indianapolis Barco B10 rental will have you covered. All of our equipment can be available and installed in less than one-half hour. Plus, screen rentals are reasonably priced, giving you the full impact for your entertainment dollar.

There’s no time like the present to start planning your next event. And at Visible Display, we want to talk to you about how an LED screen or Jumbotron will help make your next event literally bigger than life.

Ready to Make an Impact at Your Next Event?

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