Visible Display has been involved in the LED screen business since May of 2005, when we acquired our first jumbotron. Since our inception, the goal has been to provide jumbotrons to events at affordable rates. Historically, LED video screens have been costly additions to events; we have set out to change that by building a cost effective business model.

We operate mobile LED video screens that do not require semi-trucks to tow them. Not only are these LED video screens less expensive, the transport cost is significantly lower. We have also reduced our expenses by utilizing hubs nationwide. Instead of keeping all of our jumbotrons at one location, we utilize a roaming fleet. This reduces our cost allowing us to pass on greater savings to our clients.

Visible Display’s operates the largest fleet of Barco B-10 jumbotron units in the United States. Our jumbotron fleet is strategically based throughout the country. This is especially beneficial to clients that are producing events that require multiple jumbtrons or will be in multiple locations. The rest of the industry relies on sub-renting units from other Barco B-10 owners. A large jumbotron fleet spread throughout the country allows us to offer lower prices and greater flexibility. In addition, our clients only have to rely on Visible Display, not several smaller companies.

We are continually adding to our inventory and opening up new locations in the hope that even smallest of events will be able to afford a jumbotron.

We look forward to working with YOU!