LED Screen Rental

Event-enhancing LED screen rental for events from coast to coast!


MAX 2313

Size: 23′ x 13′

Resolution: 1456x832p (4.81mm)

Footprint: 30’x8′

MAX 1710

Size: 17’x10′

Resolution: 1040x624p (4.81mm)

Footprint: 21’x8′

MAX 158

Size: 15′ x 8′

Resolution: 936x520p (4.81mm)

Footprint: 21′ x 8′

MAX 127

Size: 12′ x 7′

Resolution: 728x416p (4.81mm)

Footprint: 17′ x 7′


Size: 15′ x 8′

Resolution: 936x520p (4.81mm)

Footprint: 20′ x 10′


Size: Custom

Resolution: Varying (2.6mm to 6mm)

Footprint: Varying


Renting a jumbotron is a big purchase, and can seem overwhelming. But don’t worry, we are demystifying everything here with the most common questions our clients ask us – so you can learn everything you need to know about LED, before event touching the phone or keyboard.

What is LED Screen Rental?

The term LED screen rental, used interchangeably with “LED display, video wall, and jumbotron rental” typically refers to renting large LED video walls for events. A video wall is a set of individual panels linked together to form one large seamless display.

Due to their scalability in size and shape, they are popular for rental at events that require extra large displays for crowds and far away viewing distances. Durable ratings and extra bright, vivid image allow them to be used outside and be visible even under direct sunlight. Video walls can also be used at indoor events. They can be constructed onsite using trussing equipment – these are called modular displays. They can also be pre-fabricated onto a truck or trailer, these are called mobile displays.

What is the Jumbotron Rental Price?

Jumbotron rental pricing can vary significantly, but you can expect to pay a minimum daily rate of $4,000 for a smaller mobile screen and $5,000 for a smaller modular one. A daily rate for 1 display can be as much as $10,000+ for larger, more labor-intensive projects. If you want to estimate your LED screen rental rate range, you can plan on $50 – $70 per square foot.

What Does My Rental Rate Include?

A daily rental rate typically includes set-up, operation, and tear-down of the equipment. It also includes a technician onsite for the duration of the event to run the timing of the display content and troubleshoot issues if they arise. Advanced production services, such as camera feeds or graphic design services are typically an additional fee. Modular screens that require rigging will be an additional fee as well.

Should I Rent an LED Wall?

You may ask, is LED wall rental right for me? If you have a large crowd that can benefit from large display, and a budget of at least $4,000, then we say yes! If you can get away with indoor projection or a simple TV for cheaper, then you may want to consider those routes. For this reason, we typically only rent to other businesses – whether it is cities, event planners, production companies, etc. That being said, the benefits of displays for large crowds at events are limitless and can pose many benefits, including increased revenue, attendee engagement, and an enhanced overall event experience.

What Types of Events Use LED Screens

Examples of events we rent to include fairs, festivals, concerts, marathons, golf tournaments, fundraisers, trade shows, corporate events, church events, tailgates, watch parties, and more. Any event that has a large number of attendees can benefit from a screen. These benefits include increased engagement, sponsor revenue, and in-house branding opportunities.

rear view of group of people watching an led wall rental

Why Visible Display?

So you have decided to request a rental for your next event. Why should you go with Visible Display? We suggest you do your research and get multiple quotes, but we can say with confidence that we will offer the best price and overall value in the market. We have been providing LED screens to events since 2005 from coast to coast. With that experience, the technical know-how, and the perfect product selection, we would love to enhance your event with premium jumbotrons, so fill out the form below to give us a shout!

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