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LED Screen Rentals Charlotte

In Charlotte there are a number of LED screen rental companies but due to high quality and experience Visible Display takes it all. They offer servicing to big screens whether they are movable or modular LED screens. This procedure can be a bit tiring and cumbersome for someone who has never indulged in the LED screen renting before. Here, at Visible Display, we make efforts to ensure that our customers get the best out of this.

In your unending search for a Charlotte LED wall rentals, think Visible Display. Whether mobile or modular screens you will not be disappointed. Regardless of the event, we offer technical support for a range of them from small business events, to big turnout events and also music gala. We make sure we give our best to our customers. If you need a frame for making your event a success, a Charlotte Jumbotron Rental can come in handy to see you through your dream event!

Mobile LED Screens can pull a crowd and also speak for themselves in any show you are hosting. Regardless of the time or place of the event, Visible Display will see you get a turnkey outcome. Mobile Screens are easy to set up and are most likely for in motion events. We recommend this unit for shows that are either working on a budget or shooting an outdoor video. With the 8mm pixel pitch, improves the image forecast thus anyone even the one seated close to the screen sees the images clearly as the one at the back. These screens are also installed the antiglare to make sure that sunlight does not have an effect on the viewing. This is the latest technology no matter how far you are from the screen you get the same view.

Any and All Events

A Barco B-10 rental is another yet exciting way of breaking the boredom when you have a sport to watch and you feel like you really need to catch the action. Most preferred while viewing music gala, bike races, watching football matches and also business events. They are easy to put up and also they come at very affordable rates. Most of our customers are thrilled at the turnout at their events thanks to our huge LED exhibitions. This has made it easy also in getting prospects for any of your upcoming shows with the huge Jumbotron.