Houston LED Screen Rentals

Houston LED Screen Rentals
Visible Display is one of the leading companies in the Houston LED rental market. We guarantee you will be impressed with the service and support we lend our clients. Whether it is your first or hundredth time renting an LED screen, we will be sure to put your mind at ease with our experience. Let us help you today; we will give you the right information to help achieve what you are looking for.

LED Screen Rentals in Houston

Are you looking to make your event something special, then look no farther than a Houston Jumbotron Rental from Visible Display. We can help with concerts of all kinds, from large promotions to small functions. If you want it done right call us with our experience and desire to get better with each event you can’t go wrong.

Houston LED Screen Rentals

Giving your customers the feel of front row seats will be easy with a Houston LED screen rental. No longer will the last row feel like they are only listening to your event, now they will see the action just like they are sitting in the front row. Make everyone feel like a VIP!

Any and All Events

What kind of event are you planning? Whether it be a sporting event, concert, play, or something for your business, then a rental of a Barco B-10 might be just want you are looking for. The Houston Barco B-10 can be set up in less than 30 minutes, and with affordable prices how can you go wrong?

Making a great first impression can mean the difference between success and failure. LED screens will make sure you make the kind of impression you want. Don’t settle for second best, call us today and let us show you today how a Jumbotron Rental or LED screen rental will help show sponsors and customers alike that you know how to put on a show.