LED Screen Rentals in Dallas

Do you have an upcoming event in the near future? Would you like to add an exciting element that will really impress your guests? If you intend to rent LED screens in Dallas, then look no further as Visible Displays is your best option. At Visible Display, we have different types of screens that will suit different events. Visible Display offers modular or mobile LED screens, small, big screens and any other combination. Our priority is to ensure that you are satisfied. We offer free advice to our clients on selecting the best products that will work for the success of your event. We have vast experience and expertise in the rental industry. As such you can rest assured that we will provide you with very high-end support and service.

Will you be hosting an event in the near future within Fort Worth area? If so, then Visible Display should be your number one consideration for the LED video screens. At Visible Display, we will be able to cater for your needs whether you intend to host a small function with just a few people or if you intend to host large festivals or rallies with hundreds of spectators. We will work together you to ensure that your event becomes a huge success.

Mobile LED Screen Rentals in Dallas, TX

We pride ourselves on providing excellent service to our clients. Selecting us as your screen provider will leave your guests well entertained as our screens come in HD formats which will leave you patrons in awe. Mobile LED Screens will ensure that all your guests get clearer pictures regardless of their sitting positions. With our screens, we guarantee excellent viewing and incredible clarity.

Any Event can Benefit

Apart from our modular screens, we also have Barco B10 rentals that have gained massive popularity in Dallas. Our Barco B10 rentals will be able to satisfy your needs whether you intend to host a small function like watching a game or hosting large or corporate events. With a notification of just 30 minutes, the small and large screens can be available for use. Our greatest advantage over our competitors is that our screens are priced reasonable so that you can derive maximum utility from them. We pride in offering value for money, and we are sure that you will refer us to other prospective clients in the future. Make your next event exciting by ensuring that your guests are entertained with giant LED displays. Our screens will ensure that your guests get the best views without straining, in fact, those seated at the back rows will still get very clear views from the LED displays.

And for your event to be a success, the secret is this, start planning the event now. Here at Visible Display, it would be our greatest pleasure talking to you discussing how the Jumbotron screens or the LED screens have the capacity of transforming your next event to be very spectacular. Do not hesitate. Call us today!