modular portrait led screen rental in albuquerque

LED Screen Rental in Albuquerque

New Mexico is one of our favorite states to work in, with Albuquerque being our favorite city. Not only is it the most populous city in NM, but it’s also home to the Balloon Fiesta, which is by far one of the coolest events we’ve ever done! There is nothing like seeing hundreds of hot air balloons filling the sky! The only thing better is when you can watch it from one of our LED screen rentals in Albuquerque, NM, which we’ve been providing to local businesses for the past decade.

To first timers, renting a video wall can seem like a daunting task. Visible Display has your back, though! We are very familiar with the area, and love meeting new businesses that want to utilize one of our displays to help advertise their business, or help them out at a local event. No need to fear if this is your first time, as our staff is apt at what they do and proficient when it comes to helping out first timers. We have the perfect product for your next show.

Event-Enhancing Jumbotrons

Our technicians have wealth of knowledge which they garnered from their scope of experience from having done a number of varied events over the years. If your choice is a jumbotron from Visible Display, then you’re on the right path. With our products you can broadcast whatever your sponsor’s message is to the world. At Visible Display, we pride ourselves in the quality of our work and that allows us to constantly experience growth and improvement. To take the next event you host to higher heights we suggest one of our displays.

Give your patrons at your next hosted event a nostalgic experience and stamp your signature of class with the use of one of our mobile products in Albuquerque. You patrons will leave feeling as if they had just been given VIP seats to the best event in town. Such is the quality to be gained with the use of one of our display screens. No need for anyone to feel cheated out of a grand time with the big screen. Our trailer-mounted displays are a great investment for any event.

Servicing All Types of Events

Let our competent technicians take the worry out of your day and just enjoy being a host. With its affordability, speed and ease of setting up, a Barco B-10 rental will add flavor to the event whether big or small. Set up in 30 minutes and host like a pro. Our giant displays always evokes a sense of excitement and appreciation from our patrons. This response has in turn generated the same reactions in our sponsors.

So give us a call today and find out how you can rent a screen larger than the Rio Grande itself!

Ready to Make an Impact at Your Next Event?

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