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Portland LED Screen Rental

If you are looking for a reliable and proven company in Portland that provides LED wall rental, look no further than Visible Display. We have loads of experience and trust amongst many other companies within the industry. We can satisfy all of your needs and wants as it relates to big screens, whether mobile or modular—we have them all. If you’re searching for an LED screen rental in Portland, your labors can end here. With experience and utmost customer service we make every effort to assist our clients in meeting their needs with minimal hassles, as we understand how difficult and even intimidating the process of LED renting can be.

Jumbotron Rentals in Portland

Looking for a Portland Jumbotron rental? You’ve come to the right place! At Visible Display, we’ve got what you are looking for. With skilled and experienced technicians who have been working in all types of events ranging from small corporate functions to massive concerts and even music festivals. There is no one better than us in what we do, as we strive to be the best and have been doing this the longest. If you want to put on a show your patrons will remember, our LED display rentals in Portland are the perfect solution. You’ll leave your attendees in awe when they view our giant displays!

At Visible Display, we can provide LED wall rentals that will surely get heads turning, and take your next show or event to whole new level. Keep patrons happy, especially those with back row seats who can’t even see the show taking place in front. Sitting in the back row won’t be so bad anymore with our mobile LED screen rentals in Portland, as we bring the live actions to the back rows, keeping them happy and content.

We Service All Kinds of Events

At Visible Display, we also cater to other various events ranging from concerts, music events, races, sports viewing parties and even corporate events. We have just the solution for events on a tight budget, and that is our Barco B-10 rentals (Portland area is served). These mobile LED screens are portable and have an affordable price along with an easy and efficient set-up which can be done under 30 minutes. Look no further for all your LED needs, as we strive for the best at Visible Display, giving you quality and satisfaction. With our range of giant LED video walls, our sponsors and clients alike can only be thrilled with the reaction of their crowds and patrons. Rent a giant outdoor screen now for your next event and take it to another level; the crowd will love it, and sponsors will surely be interested.

Call us now to satisfy your LED needs, and get an LED screen for your next event. We are happy to answer any queries regarding any of our rentals and pricing so please call today!

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