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7 Tips for Renting a Jumbotron

So, you have decided you want to reap the benefits of renting a jumbotron or LED screen at your next event. Whether you have rented before or are just getting started, booking a video wall can be intimidating. The advanced technology, seemingly high rental cost, and amount of options can be enough to scare off the most seasoned event planner. Don’t fear – we are demystifying it all right here.

Tip 1: Determine that Renting an LED Video Wall is Right for You

When booking a display screen for your event, there are 3 main options: a TV, a projection screen, and an LED video wall. LED Video Walls have 2 main advantages– large sizes and visibility in sunlight. For smaller events, a regular TV may be more cost-effective. For a night event, projection display may be an option. However, if you want a large, seamless display that can be viewed day or night, LED video walls are the way to go.

Tip 2: Choose the Right Company

Choosing the right company can be the difference between a lackluster display and an unforgettable one. As with any service, be sure to do your research. Shop around, look at online reviews, and ask others for recommendations. If possible, try to book local to save on travel costs.

Tip 3: Know the Tech

A good LED rental company will help you pick the right product, but knowing some basics will help you maximize your return. Here are 4 industry terms you should know:

Video Wall: The term “video wall” means multiple video panels linked together to form 1 display.

Mobile/Modular: A mobile LED video wall is a video wall prefabricated onto a truck or trailer. Modular video walls are built out on-site using aluminum trussing.

Pixel Pitch: A measurement of pixel density. The lower the pixel pitch the higher the image clarity within a given size.

16:9 Aspect Ratio: Today’s standard ratio for video. For a 16:9 ratio, the screen’s width divided by its height to be close to 16/9, or 1.778.

Tip 4: Display Engaging Content

Your number one priority with your LED video wall rental should be to engage and entertain your spectators. Display capabilities are limitless. Get creative with on-screen display ideas and ask your display rental company for suggestions. A great way to engage event attendees with video walls is to display real-time data, such as live polling and social media posts to video screen.

Tip 5: Sell On-Screen Ad Space

In a study conducted by IEG, event sponsors’ top priority is on-site signage. An LED video display is the perfect way to beef up sponsor packages and increase your event revenue with sponsor signage. Learn more about how to increase sponsorship revenue with LED.

Tip 6: Utilize Your Rental Company

When booking your LED display, be sure to take full advantage of your rental company. They are experts in the industry, and can offer suggestions on the right product, application, display content, and more. Send them content examples and have them test them on the board to make sure it is optimized. Ask for pictures and videos of their products in action. A good company will provide all the resources you need to make the most of your rental.

Tip 7: Negotiate a Rental Deal

LED screen rental pricing can vary significantly based on product availability, time of year, travel, and labor. Because of this, LED companies do not typically have set pricing. If you are quoted higher than you can afford, simply ask for a discount. There may be a more affordable alternative. Many companies will offer multi-day rental discounts, so if your event is multiple days or you will have more events later in the year, be sure to mention this when negotiating a rate.


Renting an LED video wall at your event can be the perfect way to add value to your event by entertaining event-goers and touting sponsors. By knowing some basic information, you can ensure world-class returns on your LED rental investment. Fear no more, you are now ready to book your screen.


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